Unicycling, piping Darth Vader with flames


If only we knew where the Unipiper lived, so we could witness his awesomeness in person!

SRSLY, I encountered Unipiper last summer, when he rolled through a performance of “Trek in the Park.”

And I think I heard him from a distance once when I was walking the dog near FreeGeek.


Some website interviewed the fellow a while ago. Along with this, it’s the third time he’s been on BB.

Insert “omg! portland is hilarious!” comments here.

Put a bird on it.

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No no, the tempo is all rushed. This is what comes of trying to play while riding a unicycle, you just can’t focus. And the bagpipe can’t handle the key changes at all.

I find your lack of faith disturbing.


We don’t get many of them around here…damn shame. Wish we did.

Not half as bombastic as it usually is when a performance mixes fire and bagpipes. I don’t have to pretend to be feeling an over the top manic exercise.

Freegeek is a great community resource.


Couldn’t tell you where he lives, but I did see him coming up Belmont near that awesome video store a couple times. I don’t live in Portland anymore. It’s good to see he’s got flames now.

+1 for Freegeek

Please, youtube link for this beauty!

This is such a great picture. Unipiper is single-handedly keeping Portland weird. Good show!

I liked pyro-unicycling before it was cool

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