Unify all of your email inboxes with Mailbird Pro

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/08/07/unify-all-of-your-email-inboxe.html

Whose lifetime?

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It would be helpful to have a link to a comparison between this and Windows Mail, and maybe a few others.

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It would be helpful, but not very flattering to Mailbird, because Mailbird lacks a whole lot of features most people expect from a mail client.

There’s no provision for local storage of mail, e.g. for backup or offline access, short of saving each message individually. There’s no way to see message headers. There’s no workable way to see subfolders on an IMAP account.

It’s more like a student project than an actual product. I’m absolutely baffled by the love.

It stacks up pretty well. As with every product, it won’t have everything that each person wants, so hooray for the freedom to choose your own best option.

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