United Airlines returns woman's lost suitcase... four years later

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Friends of ours were returning from a trip, and came to our house to spend the night before going home to the city where they live, when one of them realized she had left her iPad in the seat pocket. She called the airline, they searched, but there was no sign of it. They left our number for the airline to contact us if it showed up, but we heard nothing.


Exactly one year later, to the day, our friends happened to be staying with us again, when we got a phone call asking to speak to [her name]. It was Air Canada and they had found the iPad. She went and picked it up. It would have been cool if it had been filled with photos and videos from exotic locations around the globe, but there was no sign it had been used by anyone. We still don’t know where it was for a year.


In some low level functionary’s desk drawer probably.

A far-flung photo festival would have been nice.


Did United ask for her to return the compensation?



Dunno about “to the day”, but my aunt and uncle were flying from Vancouver, Canada to Sydney, Australia when the airline lost a suitcase.

A year later, they had a lovely holiday in France and flew home without incident. They got home and, jetlagged as heck, went to bed at 10 am.

An hour later their phone rang, waking them up. Groggy and confused, they listened to the caller explain that their lost luggage had been found. “No, we got all our luggage, we’re fine.”

The airline had finally located and returned their lost Sydney-bound suitcase. It got diverted to Tahiti, where it sat unclaimed in a hangar - no air conditioning in a tropical climate. They took delivery of the suitcase but didn’t take it indoors. They cracked it open, briefly, then shut it again and dumped it. It looked like a mould farm inside.


This is why I always pay the extra “do not lose my luggage fee.” /s


I wondered the same thing.

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Best anecdote I remember about this was coming back from holiday with my family in law. We had to stop over at Rome. For some reason half the flight suitcases had been mistakenly moved to a later plane, so they would arrive about 2 to 4 hours later.
This woman was fuming at the people working at the desk as she had packed a fish in her suitcase and was afraid it was going to go off.
Who packs a fish in a suitcase?


This is United Airlines we’re talking about. They probably sicced a collections agency on her without even bothering to ask for the money back.


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