United Nations: too many women are being killed by their loved ones at home

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Here’s the PDF: GSH18_Gender-related_killing_of_women_and_girls.pdf (2.2 MB)

The NYT seems to have gotten this wrong, the second highest was Oceania, followed by Asia and then the Americas, unless I’m reading it wrong. The Americas are closer to Europe in percentages. EDIT: NVM, read the wrong graph the wrong way.

In looking at the document, grim is an understatement. I wish they did more regional breakdowns. “Asia” is a huge category, as is “Africa.” What happens to women in Siberia versus India versus Jordan is likely to fall into different dynamics (e.g. I doubt dowry killings are especially common in cultures which have bride-price or dower as the dominant dynamic). The same goes for intimate partner violence in the US versus Jamaica or Argentina.

I think it’s worth mentioning that there is a movement of “western chauvinism” that is currently ascendant in Europe and the United States. One that seeks to place women firmly in a role in the home, and it’s closely linked with white supremacist ideals. Matt Heimbach, was finally arrested not after attacking a protester at a Trump rally, but for domestic violence.


United Nations: too many women are being killed by their loved ones at home

There’s an acceptable number?


Multiple cultures independently conceived of zero as a number, long ago.


It would be nice if we recognized that people are people- regardless of gender, identity, orientation, preference, education, financial situation, country or origin, nationality, religion, race, color, or previous condition of servitude. And treated them as such.

Without equal rights people don’t have equal value.
Moreso- corollary is true too: without equal value, people don’t have equal rights.


A nice sentiment, but I think most readers here are already well-steeped in the notion. The phrasing almost smells of colorblind racism or “all lives matter,” but I hope someone else can weigh in to clarify.

If it wasn’t true it wouldn’t be a corollary- perhaps you meant the converse is true too…


Does that UN report address domestic violence against men?
Does it say anything about men who are killed by their loved ones?

Why didn’t you just read the article?

Here, this part directly answers your questions.

About one in five homicides is carried out by an intimate partner or family member, and women and girls make up the vast majority of those deaths


So basically the hardest thing to have in life for most of us is still a safe home to live in.


-> Sees any mention of women being abused, maimed, murdered
-> “BuT wHaT aBoUt ThE pOoR MeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEn?!?!?”
-> Glenn Beck crying dot gif


Since you clearly didn’t read either the report or even the brief summary in the post, which addresses these exact questions, I feel like we can safely disregard anything you have to say on this topic.


Beware of men who refer to women as “females”; women are people, females are animals, livestock, even. Men are referred to as “men”, or “guys”. They might say something like “Men are better drivers than females”.

This is a way of dehumanizing women.


Generally if anyone sounds like a Ferengi I shun them.


I think as I typed that, I was entering a conversation. If we applied pure logic, you would be correct, but society is not logical. Beyond what is enshrined in law, as I see it- people first gain value and that then leads to rights. The statements should be equal, but in practice they are not.

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