University of Hawaii's creepy email subject line to students: "In the event of a nuclear attack"

I don’t doubt that sale of medications and policies use some common psychological tactics:

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Have you ever seen the Adam Curtis documentary The Century of the Self? I hiiiiighly recommend it.


Pretty sure that both of those missiles are drawn WAAAAAAYYYYY too big…

(isn’t that what this is all about anyway? Kim angling for more payola, and tRump trying to prove that his hands aren’t really tiny?)


I don’t disagree that there’s a lot of mileage to be gotten out of a quasi-credible nuclear threat. I mean, the US has killed hundreds of thousands of people on less just in the time I’ve been of voting age.


@Carla_Sinclair Why is this “creepy”?

The payload of the ICBM is not relevant to the flight time.

Can you quantify “real danger”?

Same for the East Coast of the US.

A nuke detonating harmlessly 300 miles from Hawaii would still be disastrous for global politics.


I interviewed for a job in Christchurch some years back and they gave me an earthquake induction before we started the actual interview. Its just plain common sense to do that.

Maybe Trump is trying to get North Korea to nuke Hawaii, since his investigators found out Obama’s birth certificate was real.

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