Terror in Paradise: 'I Got the Hawaii Missile Message and Prepared to Die'


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mutually assured Deception is still working i see


“Well. I guess it works.”



Ballistic trajectories on Earth mean that the longest point to point flight will be about half an hour. But Hawaii is a lot closer than 20000 km to North Korea so you have maybe ten or fifteen minutes to work with. So you have to characterize the trajectory very early in the boost phase, well before the missile completes maneuvering.

It is possible, for example, at the missile would make turns to avoid known radars along the path to its destination. NK is a small country and there isn’t much scope to change the location you launch from.

Long story short. You have to generate the warning well before there is any certainty that a threat exists at all.




Those hands look pretty big, but the thought process matches…


“Enjoy your relaxing hawaiian vacation!”
- Hawaii Board of Tourism


Would anyone blame me for just walking outside with that little notice? I think the prolonged suffering would be worse than instant death.


Remember when we were saying “thanks Obummer” when someone had a flat tire or something. That was a lot more fun, these poor people actually have Trump to thank for their literal death scare.


There is currently no boost-phase defense in theater, so why would they incorporate those maneuvers? ICBMs don’t have enough maneuverability to do things like “avoid known radars.” It’s not a cruise missile. Initial launch warning comes from the DSP satellites, operated by the Air Force.


Looks like someone in CD had a Homer Simpson moment and inadvertently scared the crap out of everyone living in HI. I hope there is some disciplinary action involved, accident or no.


I’m like you, put a bulleye on me, I want to go in the first wave. I’ve played too much Fall Out to want to see it in real life.




Probably too busy renting porn stars to notice.


Good luck with that. Assuming a 250 kiloton weapon (which is what the North Koreans are currently assumed to have), unless you’re within a couple miles of the impact point, neither the blast nor the radiation will be 100% lethal. At that distance and beyond, taking shelter in an interior room could be the difference between “no injury” and “severe lacerations from flying glass, aggravated by flash burns and ruptured eardrums”.


But seriously, fuck that sociopath



Thank god - had he got involved, the US would have been firing missiles left and right before anyone knew what was going on.


The only reason I don’t think “Thanks, Trump” isn’t already a thing is not because it’s been played out but he would probably see people thanking him and just assume it was a compliment.

“People are always thanking me, I am the best president ever!”