Incoming missile alert


Well, here’s my morning so far:

The text of the alert on my phone is:


Terror in Paradise: 'I Got the Hawaii Missile Message and Prepared to Die'

Oh god, oh god! The Doomsday Clock is ticking closer to midnight again.


If they’re testing their system, I’d say they discovered a weakness.

“Someone pushed the wrong button.” I feel safer already.


The “Like” is for the song, everything else in here is a bit scary.


I figured when it happened that it was a mistake, as the countries Trump has been alienating this week don’t have missiles that can reach us, then I remembered that it was already afternoon in DC and the Orange Fuckhead could have been busy tweeting all morning while I was still asleep.



I use my cell phone as an alarm clock, and emergency messages comes blasting out of it at full volume whatever the settings on the phone; you can’t nap through it. I don’t know where the person you linked to lives, but I’m guessing it isn’t Hawaii, as anyone who uses the Twitter at that level likely has a smart phone, and likely keeps their phone nearby.


New York, apparently.


nuclear war always has had a fictional, HG wells sound to it.

don’t think it’ll ever happen, stop worrying about it so much


Only 5000 miles from here, her ability to nap through our emergency is a testament to her composure!

Maybe not so much to those of us in striking distance of Korea, or those of us who are of the “duck and cover” generation.

Oh, and I don’t know if you knew this, but nuclear bombs have been dropped twice on large population centers in recent history, and by leaders who are reputed to be more stable than either Trump or Kim.


wouldn’t really call that recent… been a remarkable dearth of atomic weapon use since 45, don’t ya think? especially considering the metric fuckton of conventional bombs dropped on vietnam during the war… why did they never go nuclear?


the B-61 silver bullet upgrades done under the obama administration are hilarious… a JDAM fin attached to an ancient 1960s design? really? thats the best we got?


I might be older than you.

been a remarkable dearth of atomic weapon use since 45, don’t ya think?

I’m not going to give Trump credit for not having blown up the world in his first year in office. There has certainly been a striking upsurge in nuclear threat activity.

why did they never go nuclear?

If you’re asking seriously, you might start here. Her conclusion – based on the records of the time – was that it was a matter of political taboo, a constraint that seems not to apply to the current leaders.


When I read about this, it already was over.
However, Reuters says it took them 38 minutes to set this straight. Begging your pardon?

This is the Hawai’i with this harbour, what was it called again? Abalone? Lobster? Can’t remember, must have pushed the wrong button.


Terror in Paradise: 'I Got the Hawaii Missile Message and Prepared to Die'

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