American airbase personnel sent erroneous "Missile inbound -- seek shelter" warning


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The early warning system uses emojis?
(I’m hoping it’s an illustration…)

ETA: added italics for emphasis of snark


Don’t tell tRump, he’d call it the Bowling Orange massacre and hit the nuke codes.


You and me both.


You’d think by now the US Airforce would have realised the value in properly segregating dev, test and prod environments.


Reading, it’s super fundamental.


Developing and testing software on a live, non-sandbox system involving military operations? This parallel universe gets worse each day I wake up in it.


I was confused about that exact comment. That’s why I added the “I’m hoping.” I really should have used italics for the second line, but 6 a.m.and all. :sleeping:


Who thought “That missile warning message is missing something…Perhaps we should brighten it up with an emoji”?




a smiling emoticon symbolises friendly fire.


“I added the emoji to make it nice.”


Leeds is no bad either.


If this warning is REAL… I find it deeply concerning that it includes an emoticon of any kind.


I’m mildly dumbfounded at the lonely Airman sitting in his cubicle who sees that warning and grabs an image of it to post to social media. In the grand world of military jargon, INFOSEC and OPSEC have trickled out into the real world, but they’re still the same old good ideas that they were before. Hell, even if the poster knew the system was in testing/alpha/beta whatever, why would he think it’s okay?
I’m partially dumbfounded simply because I remember being a young, dumb Airman and having to watch those stupid AFRTS PSA’s about OPSEC/INFOSEC…and being as corny as they were, how could anyone forget them?

[Note how Dipshit glances back at the white dude behind him like he’s the real threat. Maybe AFN was trying to tell us all something even way back then?]

And, for her pleasure:

I'm sorry, I can't tell you that. It's classified.


I guess they don’t make 'em like they used to?



However, of stockings and garters, I approve I’m a fan:


Reportedly, the quick recall prevented any panic.

So eight minutes of panic doesn’t count as panic? Or are they assuming it took people eight minutes to sound out the hard words?


My last active duty station was actual at Cheyenne, albeit more than 25 years ago. I too recall those frequent briefings about security protocols, combined with spot checks going in and out of the mountain, looking for storage media and personal electronics. Sitting on my desk in front of me right now, is a wafer thing, 64 gig SD card about the size of my fingernail, and these aren’t exactly cutting edge. I’ve often wondered how those security checks are handled now.

I’m assuming the Airman that took that picture wasn’t in any kind of secure area, but still … sheesh.


In the early 70’s I spent kindergarten and first grade on US bases overseas.

We had air-raid drills monthly and had to crawl under the desks.

They laughed at me in the second grade, back in the US, because I’d never had a FIRE drill, and jumped under my desk when everyone else knew to leave the room. :confused: