University of North Texas mug


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File under how could they not see this?
ETA : No customer reviews yet? The internet is slacking.


I believe they not only saw it, but reveled in their genius.


I’m sure of it. That’s not even close to the actual logo. I had my doubts as to whether it was even a real university.


I wondered the same thing, but not enough to look it up. Thank you.


I went to UNT for 2 years, jesus, like 20 years ago. I should order a set of these. (This doesn’t look like any version of their logo that I’ve seen over the years. Most likely it’s deliberately NOT the UNT logo so they don’t get sued?

(For those who don’t want to look it up, it’s the University of North Texas)


I think you’d have more fun going to one of those places where you can paint your own mugs. You could make a very fun set. If you do, put me down for two.


The bloggess had a post of this months ago and offers a similarly subtle mug in her shop:


Ok, so they’re “unt” (wink wink, nudge nudge) mugs, not “U.N.T.” mugs. The question remains: do I need to buy these for all my Scottish friends, or just the Glaswegians?


Coincidentally, UNT has a study abroad program in Glasgow.


Thanks for posting that, I was just going to go find it myself!



So maybe I am slow on the uptake here. I had noticed the number of new stories on Boing Boing that were ads for items in the “Boing Boing Store”.
And so today there are also two “stories” pointing out items with links that go to Amazon’s website - even though neither of them are actual Amazon products. The penny finally dropped.
Amazon Affiliate links as well as plugs for the store. I am disappoint.
Seriously, throw up a Patreon or subscribe option and go back to actual content rather than just another shopping aggregator.


Or you could have a set made …

I can think of -UNT, -OCK, -RAP, -UM, -LIT, -RACK, -HODE, and -HAV for starters. :laughing:


I believe we have those mugs in Sweden too, courtesy of the local newspaper of Uppsala:

(edit: seems it was just a prank:


Originally from who deserve a credit; the only product they seem to sell which they’ve designed and copyrighted themselves.

(Stray thought: should we start calling copyright trolls ©unts?)


True story: when Newcastle Polytechnic became a university in the 90s, the name City University of Newcastle upon Tyne got veeeerrrry high up the planning stages before someone in the Art dept. noticed and said, ‘Hang on a minute…’.


UNT is one of two universities in Texas’ best little city, Denton.

The UNT student radio station is KNTU. Everyone always said that it used to be something else until someone noticed. I think that’s an urban legend, though.


damn, had to google the -HODE version to see what it meant.

I learnt something new :wink: