University police warn students to be on the lookout for a helicopter mom


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Good thing @Carla_Sinclair is here to heighten the poor kid’s shame! The Towson police dept. has limited reach, but BB can take video of this embarrassing episode international.


Now who does she remind me of. :grinning:IMG_02344


Have we become so hardened, so cold hearted as to not wait and think that maybe this was a paid for viral advertisement ?


Weird, but whatever, why are the police involved?


It’s the Bevolution!


Looks like Asian tiger mom taking it a bit to far. I’m quite fortunate that my Chinese mother-in-law isn’t this type of tiger mom.


I would imagine there’s concern that if someone agrees to go out on a date with the woman’s son and it goes poorly that the woman would try to harass (or worse) the person that dared snub her perfect son. There’s also the fact that it’s getting close to Valentine’s Day – if mom gets desperate enough might she try more aggressive matchmaking tactics?


What’s the pay?


A reminder to everyone… Don’t call the police unless someone is committing or acting like they will commit a crime. Your being annoyed is not enough to bring in the police.


Fair, but you should really stop and let your son find his own date that’s right for him.


Counterproductive: you can’t get your son a date if he dies from embarrassment first.


Building hype for next year’s romantic comedy already?

Alternatively, the other thing that comes to mind is that bit from It Follows. But that’s not very nice.


“Does he put out?”


I am mortified for the poor guy…


Next week she’ll be out on the street corner holding a big sign reading "NEVER MIND, HE JUST TOLD ME HE’S GAY AND APPARENTLY CHAD IS MORE THAN JUST A FRIEND"


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Don’t worry, the cops aren’t gonna to do a damn thing anyway.


Yeah, calling the police seems like an over-reaction, but ultimately she’s not a student (or someone with legitimate business there) and she’s annoying students and the police are the ones in the position to tell her to knock it off.

It’s not really about what she might do (making assumptions about what someone might do aren’t really relevant), but just telling her to knock it off, treating her like every other unwanted outsider proselytizing or trying to sell something.

Yeah, my mind went there, too…


BB is just keepin’ it Brockmire.