Unless You Sell Thin Mints... No Soliciting


Because I live in a state whose legislature is frequently an embarrassment to the most of the rest of the country I’m thinking I should get a doormat that says, “If you’re running for office we either disagree or you don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell.”


I used to have a doormat that said “Go Away”, and it worked like a charm.

These days, I just don’t ever answer the door. Y’know, unless I’m expecting the person who’s ringing the bell. Do people still open their doors to strangers?

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I wish people wouldn’t be proud of being apolitical. (Not directed at @SpunkyTWS)


I’ve often thought about putting up a similar sign, but I could never get the wording right. Problem solved!

Our “No Solicitors” sign is specifically targetted at Thin Mints.

Thin mints sell themselves.

Also, I wonder if the “come back with a warrant” guy is being intentionally ironic by inviting police to use one of his fundamental Constitutional rights as a doormat.


I managed to taste some, by the miracle of a friend getting some sent overseas.
I can say only one thing:

I must admit, it’s odd to see ITC Willow in such a context. It’s usually used to announce "we really love the aesthetic style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh ", not “we really love cookies”.


How else can I screw with the minds of the little old ladies distributing issues of The Watchtower? Nooo it burns us, Father Satan come to my aid… no I don’t actually do that. I have offered the Mormon’s guys who were out some water as it was a hot day and they were very cool and polite with the sorry not interested.


Personally, I’ve been thinking of posting a click-through agreement on my porch: “By entering these premises you agree to…”

Way I figure it, I either get a license to really, really fuck with solicitors, or I get a legal precedent invalidating that type of agreement… Which could come in handy.



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