Unmarked road repairs at night lead to flying cars in Russia

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Russians have a strange sense of humor.


Infrastructure week is going well there, too.


As Russia’s propagandists are now trying to spin their Chernobyl nuclear accident as somehow being the result of American interference (can’t make this sh!t up) - now I’m wondering how they’ll blame the moronic state of their road repairs on us too?


See, just ordinary concrete in the road! No graphite!


The USSR is decades gone, but the old joke “you pretend to pay us, we pretend to work” will always apply in Russia.


Video is missing a car horn that plays “Dixie”.


Great that the car driver that’s OK just edges round the obstacles, offers no help and drives away. Russians eh?


Does night fall more suddenly in Russia than anywhere else? How is it that these two cars are the first ones to have hit the concrete?

Later on, it looks like another bunch of obstacles are marked, and there’s another sign that indicates the one-lane road splitting back into two lanes. Seems more plausible that the two drivers passed a marked first obstruction and then merged back into the left lane before it was safe to do so than that the obstacles weren’t marked at all–otherwise you’d think there’d be a much larger pileup on what appears to be a decently well traveled road.

(They obviously weren’t marked as extravagantly as they would’ve been on U.S. highways regardless.)


I think the workers were paid to leave it unmarked by the multi-billion-ruble Russian Dashcam Videos industry.


Unmarked road repairs didn’t lead to that, drivers operating at a speed where they cannot react to road conditions was the core issue. If the obstruction had been a broken down car or a deer the results would have been similar.


Someone else might have also hit the construction sign earlier, and dragged it past the construction site.


Those concrete barriers were hardly visible even at the slow speeds of the dash-cam vehicle. And broken down cars typically have blinking hazard lights warning you that there’s a car there. Sure, a car with no lights in the middle of a dark stretch of road is going to be major hazard, but I’ve never run across such a thing here in the US.

This was pure negligence on part of the construction operation. Most developed countries on this planet would have at the very least a series of reflecting orange cones leading up to the concrete barricades.


No kidding…in Tijuana, you might get a small number of traffic cones for highway construction, but on surface streets you’re lucky to get some yellow caution tape strung up around the hole. Factor in non-functional streetlights, and…y’know.

I saw a guy pull a left into a steep road-center ditch where he thought he could pull into a parking lot entrance on Blvd. Casa Blanca. No barrier, just a low curb. He had to climb vertically out the passenger’s side door.


It probably was negligent of the construction workers, but it may have been well marked earlier. We can know that if the driver were operating their vehicle in a manner consistent with conditions it was avoidable. Stationary objects shouldn’t ever be a problem for a driver operating safely.

Especially concrete-colored concrete against a background of concrete…:roll_eyes:


That seems to me the only possible explanation: some contractor started a project and his workers’ dissatisfaction led them to drop what they were doing and leave the site. However, how does the contractor not himself put up caution signs? This is depraved indifference.

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In Putin’s Russia, road drives you.


Well, that’s true I suppose.

But I came here looking for “In America you hit pothole. In Russia pothole hits you.”


I remember many bus trips in Southeast Asia where road obstacles were marked with rocks on the roadway. But the bus never went anywhere nears as fast as these cars.

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