Unnamed Blastocyst & Nerrex, Inc.!

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I foresee lots of editorial cartoons today with the GOP on a heap of dead schoolkids claiming they are the party of Life. I don’t have to draw it, you all get it.



It’s a damn shame that editorial cartoonists don’t have a billion dollar PAC.


With the RIGHT editorial cartoon, you don’t need a billion dollar PAC to reach your audience.

I was cynically joking that all the tens of thousands of fantastic and incisive political cartoons, and scores of thoughtful, talented cartoonists throughout history, appear to have failed to have the legislative impact of your average well-funded, evil PAC.

unfortunately cartoonists can only influence hearts and minds, and that’s (apparently) not enough. most americans support abortion, gun control, climate protection, campaign finance reform, and limiting corporate lobbying.

and yet none of that matters to the (mainly white) conservatives who use undemocratic means to block those and other common sense policies at every turn


“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”
– Upton Sinclair


You and I are on the same page of the same book, my friend. While I greatly admire the power of the ink pen – and think Ruben Bolling is one of the most powerful cartoonists working today – against a well-funded minority, and a system that accepts the legal bribery of legislators, it’s not enough.

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I wonder how long it’ll take before a 20.25 year old Texan sues to be allowed to drink.

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