UNO, anime edition


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That pretty much sums up a good portion of anime cliches. Pretty funny video


Somehow I was quite oblivious to the charms of Corridor Digital until just recently.


So when the villain laughed maniacally…I laughed along with him.

I think…I think I’ve caught villainitis.
god help you ALL when I get to the monologue phase…cough

Excuse me, I think I need to go watch voltron for a while.


I was kind of hoping it was an anime edition of UNO… Like a real physical, game.


…assuming the only anime you’ve ever seen is Yu-Gi-Oh, of which this a near-perfect satire.


I have not seen that but It works for a pretty good number of anime, most of them being sport/game related ones.


Pretty much indistinguishable from an episode of Yu Gi Oh, but with better art.


but have you seen the most dramatic game of Rock Paper Scissors ever?


Or from Hunter X Hunter… which becomes Gon’s signature move!


That’s amazing! I’ve never watched Jojo but I think I should!


still, nothing’s better than the D’arby brothers for absurd game drama


I’ve never seen this… any good?



UNO isn’t the mundane classic, it’s the fancy-pants jazzed up version of the mundane classic Crazy 8s. I’ve always looked askance at UNO because I think it’s just a ploy to get people to pay money for a game they could be playing for free with a regular deck of cards.


A wild draw four appears.

I’d like to see them play the game with our vicious house rules of stacking draw twos. If you didn’t want to draw two, you played your own draw two on top and passed it on to the next person who could either draw four or play another draw two, thus making the next person draw six or play their draw two and eventually someone has to draw sixteen cards…

Unless you had a draw four, which trumped draw two, but could only be countered by another draw four…


I liked it better when Hikaru no Go did it.


Great manga. Was sad when that title abruptly ended.


I don’t even remember why I stopped watching Corridor Digital. I should go back and binge all the stuff I missed.


I think I’ve figured out the guy with the epaulettes’ “tell”…