Unpacking an alpaca cria

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For additional background. Cria is the Spanish word for young, brood/breed, progeny. When you say that you’re going to criar something you’re going to be breeding it.


Yep! Native Spanish speaker here; interesting that “cria” was adopted in English as the baby name for those species, as “cría” is a generic term for even a human little girl (“la cría”) or boys (“los críos”), and for almost every animal like “cría de chompipe” (turkey poult) or “cria de perros” (puppy, but there is the specific “cachorro”). There aren’t as many youngling words like these or collectives (pack, murder of crows, etc) in Spanish, so is amusing when I find out about a new one for me.


Ooh, that faceplant…

Still, I still find it amazing that some animals are running around hours after being born, compared to humans.

And the baby’s so cute!

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