What do you call a baby porcupine?




Can we start calling human babies humanettes? Basically that’s a really great suffix and we should be using it a lot more.

Though we might have to start calling bears something else or it’ll get really confusing.


sounds like French cuisine


I’d call it Spiny Norman.


An “unholy stabbing pain in the ****”? Oh, that was rhetorical.


I’ll just assume that breach births do not occur in the porcupine world.


Jeez, anyone who plays WoW already knew this. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t lean on me man
Cos you can’t afford the ticket
Back from Porcupette City !


Well I call them lunch!


Or Spiny Norma.


That’s Franglais. In Spanglish, they’re porcupitos.




and spiny anteaters ( echidna ) babies are called puggles, how come the spiny ones get the best names?


Too many words already man !

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