What do you call a baby porcupine?


Can we start calling human babies humanettes? Basically that’s a really great suffix and we should be using it a lot more.

Though we might have to start calling bears something else or it’ll get really confusing.

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sounds like French cuisine

I’d call it Spiny Norman.

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An “unholy stabbing pain in the ****”? Oh, that was rhetorical.

I’ll just assume that breach births do not occur in the porcupine world.

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Jeez, anyone who plays WoW already knew this. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t lean on me man
Cos you can’t afford the ticket
Back from Porcupette City !

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Well I call them lunch!

Or Spiny Norma.

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That’s Franglais. In Spanglish, they’re porcupitos.



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and spiny anteaters ( echidna ) babies are called puggles, how come the spiny ones get the best names?

Too many words already man !

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