WATCH: Teddy the porcupine grunts and squeaks over Halloween treats




I have a sad feeling that Teddy’s vocalisations might be dubbed. Is nothing sacred??


You’ve never heard of Teddy? He’s great!


They’re not. And people used to think giraffes didn’t make noise, either.


Sounds – and looks – remarkably like Cousin Itt.


I hope you’re right - but the cynic in me thinks the audio doesn’t sound right. I don’t want to be the one to ruin the fun, but if something sounds too cute to be real it probably is to cute to be real. It’s like occam’s razor. Only, you know, a really cute razor.


I’m sure Teddy’s been on here before.



No, it’s real. Just about everything with voice box, or even just things-to-rub-together, makes some sort of noise. Did you miss this?


Or this: - which is the sound of the common porcupine, from the same place that I got the lobster sounds (which was on BB last year sometime).


This is basically the same noises my kid used to make whilst eating when she was little.


Singer/Songwriter Bill Staines explains how this sound of a porcupine inspired the line “and the porcupine talks to himself” in his song A place in the choir.


My cat makes similar noises sometimes.


(Has naked snuggies with porcupine) What could possibly go wrong?


Sounds of pleasure? He’s furious. He’s saying, “what is this rat bastard squash? I want candy, woman!”


More than once. :sunny:


I know it makes me sound like a big grump, but that doesn’t sound much like teddy - I’m sure porcupines make plenty of sounds, but I don’t think they can ‘talk’. I’ll wait until he gets on tv before I’ll believe it - then I’ll happily eat my hat!


Ugh, I hate to admit it, but there is a teeny tiny chance that I’m wrong - another entirely separate porcupine very briefly makes a similar noise in this video:
But come on, teddy actually says ‘pumpkin’. That ain’t right!


And this seems conclusive - teddy filmed by someone else:
I guess I just have to accept: I was wrong on the internet, where my porcupine-based shame will live on for all eternity. Now, where’s my hat recipe book?


Critters raised around hoomans tend to be more vocal – especially when they are encouraged as this lady does.