Unpublished Gor Books


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Delightful and unexpected finds in the long-running saga of female humiliation and slavery.


I hear this one is still in print.

le sigh.


Heh. I remember checking a Gor book out of the library aged about twelve, as the miserable old picklefanny of a librarian wouldn’t let me have Dune, as it was from the ‘adult’ section. Go figure…


I ran into Goreans as I was getting into the lifestyle. Had a few ಠ_ಠ moments as I read into it, and realized it really, REALLY wasn’t my thing, and probably wouldn’t get along with people who found it their thing.

It very much is a series of an earlier, pre-feminist time.


I haven’t read any of the Gor books (and probably never will), but do they contain any scenes comparable to “the chicken that was not a chicken” from The Sword of Truth series? Bad fantasy is, apparently, as common as good comedy is rare.


It’s kind of depressing that game journalists have become a punchline.


I read most of the earlier Gor books (before they became boring porno) when I was a teen. My brother and I had fun playing this same game. Our favorite title was “Homosexual Bus Drivers of Gor.”


How dare you besmirch the source material that inspired this beautiful song:


I was probably in my early teens when I read these. They were about equivalent to Tarzan, John Carter or Doc Savage in quality. Decent stuff until around book 4-5 when the lead character started slapping women around and I abandoned them.


But are there Book Journalists? Movie Journalists? Vacation Journalists?

Maybe the notion of objective reporting in leisure was a flawed frame from the get-go.


Houseplants of Gor” may deserve a mention here.


“Librarians of Gor”


I read a few of them in my early teens; I gave up on them because the author was obviously much less interested in the SF premises (another Earth-type planet on the other side of the sun, alien races competing for control of the solar system, etc.) and more in the author’s beliefs regarding the “natural” relationship between men and women, especially since, even at that age, I knew that it was bullshit.


There are book critics, movie critics, travel writers…I’m glad you pointed it out, though, because I never really thought about why they’re game journalists.


Maybe for the same reason there are ‘sports journalists’ and not ‘sports critics’. Whatever that is.

Anyone got a cover for ‘Houseplants of Gor’?


Oh man these are too funny. In another life I worked selling used books particularly collectible books (the old, the academic, first editions) but the real money was always in “slumming” in paperback trash. The Gor books in particular I made a lot of money from. I was used to some pretty strange characters but the Gor guys, and they were all guys, were particularly spectacular. They were on a whole other level.


I’m all ears! I’ve encountered and conversed with all types, but I’ve never met anyone into GOR.


They had a particular “musk” and seemed profoundly friendless.


That about says it all. I’ve met plenty like that. Wonder if I should bring up GOR the next time I ride the bus?


I had never heard of these before, but frankly I’m shocked. I plowed through just about everything that had a Conan-ish cover between the ages of 9-13. This stuff sounds like Xanth blended with a rape fantasy. So, er, Rape Science Fiction/Fantasy? Either way, glad Boris Vallejo made a few bucks off these things, but think I’m better off for missing out on Gor.