UNR student who attended white nationalist rally resigns from campus job


“I can see where they’re coming from that they might be uncomfortable. I really hope they understand that I’m not going to hurt anyone. I’ve held these beliefs for a long time.” He said, “I just want a peaceful year. This is my senior year and the people who want me gone-- it’s only until May.”

Quick update on Charlottesville: Brave Students Protest Nazi Rally


Oh, I get it.

“I’m not a nazi, I don’t advocate genocide. I just march with people who do, and I have had these beliefs a long time. I don’t want to hurt anyone, but practically everyone in my cause certainly does.”




All nazis have chosen to be scum. Nobody is born a white nationalist. They choose it.




He’s majoring in political science. Here’s to hoping he never gets a chance to get into politics.


I’m not surprised given what he appeared to have been writing there. I don’t have sympathy for him - it’d be one thing if he was doxxed and slinked away to the shadows, but he instead chose to give interviews and embrace his notoriety. That makes him fair game in my book.


And people are telling him how much of an asshole he is. Good.


Not true.


Mostly true. No one is born a bigot; bigotry is learned behavior.

I acknowledge your point that the children of White nationalists are often indoctrinated into it; and that is a tragedy, but people like Derek Black give me hope - it is possible for people to change, if they really work at it.




That’s the thing.

I’m not American, so I didn’t grow up under the idea that all speech is protected, but I really can’t grasp why specifically removing protection from racist, bigoted hate speech is any sort of “slippery slope”. Sure someone could, I suppose, broaden the definitions in a negative way, but that’s the next fight.

But, since it is currently protected, why do so many seem to think that means “free from consequences”, too? Just because it’s legally protected speech, doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be judged for it!


Because the First Amendment protects all speech, not just the speech you like.

We also have an entire thread here.

Freeze Peach 🍑 (USA)

It was originally meant so people could openly dissent against the government without fear of reprisal from the government… though that hasn’t even been applied all that well historically.


If he wasn’t noticed at the rally, he wouldn’t have quit a cushy job on campus.

In face of notoriety , doesn’t quit White National Nazi party.

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He was taught to be a white nationalist by his family. He wasn’t born as white nationalist. It’s true that he did not have a choice in how he was raised, but he learned and evolved and made the choice to abandon his family values. But some people do make the choice to embrace these views, even if their families do not hold these views and teach them these views.



He won a primary election but was later disqualified for not signing a party loyalty oath forbidding activities—such as white nationalism—that would make Republicans look bad.

So I’m guessing that specific loyalty oath isn’t party-wide?

What if it is?


I have to agree. I was raised in a very conservative family. Military conservative. Never overtly racist, but I should mention the complete monotone of my family’s friends. Sometime around my reading of the Fountainhead - I was maybe 17-18 - I realized heyyyy… this worldview is rather convenient and self-congratulatory for a white guy from privilege to hold