Unruly traveler issues unconvincing bomb threat


Here is an example of a man unable to balance short term and long term desires. Whatever he was trying to accomplish by yelling about a bomb, it was likely a poor balance for the several years he will now spend in federal prison…

BTW, since when have they been putting ads on the overhead bins?


Those were very nice officers.

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Given the choice, I would rather have someone issuing an unconvincing bomb threat than a convincing one.


Cue Inspector Clouseau: “He has a bombe!”


This was a Spirit Airlines plane so it’s surprising there wasn’t an advertisement on every overhead bin.

I thought there were snakes on the plane?

People get away with all kinds of stupid behavior all the time, but you can’t play that on an airplane.

Atlanta PD knows a well-fed officer is a persuasive officer.


I’m assuming the credibility of a bomb threat is a function of the person’s skin color.

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He’s obviously mentally disturbed. I hope he does not get punished for the incident but rather gets the meds he needs to stabilize.

That’s all he needed - a little manhug.

A beurmb?

I thought this kind of thing happens every other day on Spirit.

yep. I thought they handled that in a very professional way. No screaming, tasers, guns or clubs. Just a few words and some warm hugs. I’m thinking that if cops work the airport for very long, they get good at this.


Life imitating “Meet The Fokkers”

Well, yeah, all very calmly handled’n’all that. But the airline did give the impression that they were rather more concerned that passengers were docile and seated than safe from yer actual bombage.

The next terrorist attack will almost certainly be anything but an airplane. There are much easier targets. Even at pre -Homeland-Security-Theater levels, there were much easier targets.

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The methods that these professional cops used to “subdue and remove the subject” are the ones I thought had disappeared in this country. Over the past ten years, it has seemed as if US cops have forgotten the non-lethal, non-life-threatening techniques they have used for decades, indeed centuries, to gain control over crazy or dangerous unarmed malefactors.

I suspect the new toys-- Tasers, military equipment and the like-- have contributed to this transformation for the worse. But it’s also plain that attitudes towards citizens and enforcers have shifted in the minds of citizens, government officials and the enforcers themselves. If the techniques demonstrated in the video above were held up as the standard, ideal method of arrest, we’d have far fewer beatings, tasings, shootings, and wildly inappropriate, dangerous home invasions by SWAT teams.

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