Unschooled kids more likely to go into the arts, tech, science



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What is an “unschooler”?




And schooled kids that fall through the cracks because they’re daydreaming and/or painfully shy are also more likely to enter a creative field. Most schools stamp out creativity.


This is a severe problem as uppidy children spanning homelessness to upper middle class are growing up with a sense of freedom and self worth. These people then displace the hand picks of the 1%ers, apparently not learning their proper place in an ordered society. The last thing we need is a dangerous glut of artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs threating to unleash an egalitarian utopia when fast food and big box stores need so many minimum wage, split shift, mandatory unpaid on call standby slaves.


“So last year, he asked readers of his blog to disseminate a survey to their networks, and received 75 responses from adults”

“Friends of people reading Peter Grey’s blog about unschooling who were unschools more likely to go into the arts, tech, science.”.

The correct control group being, of course, "Friends of people reading Peter Grey’s blog about unschooling who were not unschooled.

Oh, right, but he compared to the general population…


It’s a kind of homeschooling in which there’s no set curricula for the student. It’s self-directed learning, basically. When done right, the student is provided all the support necessary to learn whatever he/she is interested in learning.

It’s not for everyone, but then, no kind of education is.


also correct for parental affluence, education, IQ, and a kajillion other factors.

this is almost impossible to draw any meaningful inference from.


Just out of curiosity, what educational pursuit isn’t considered ‘STEAM’? Is ‘STEAM’ just a polite way of saying “everything except for social studies”?


I support unschooling when it’s appropriate, but I don’t know if one can come to any broad conclusions from a study as limited as this. I think the information is very interesting, and it at least shows that unschooling works for some kids.





It’s one of these. You can buy them at your local hardware store.


Strongly agree. There should be no A in STEM. Strictly speaking, I’m not sure why there is a ‘T’ in it. Seems redundant.

I think it’s generally accepted that there’s a surplus of Artists in the Arts. That is why we call them “starving artists”.

Don’t get me wrong. Society needs artists. However, chances are good that they will always be paid very little. The modern age brought us superstar billionaires that suggested otherwise, but the fact is that travelling bards haven’t changed too much.


I feel like the system beats your natural inclinations out of you and pushes you in certain directions.


Get your A out of my STEM.


This sounds to me like the way to raise a generation of kids who have no concept of history.
Is your future career in life the most important thing to glean from an education? I think not.


They consult
Sounding occult
Talking like a Mathematics PhD
They can snow all their clients
By calling it science
Although it’s only sociology


It is mainly a polite way of saying “nerd”.


Selection bias for children of parents of unschooled kids who are themselves employed in the arts, tech and science?