Unsettling notice warns passers-by of forthcoming immortalization


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I’ve seen other work of Shrigley’s and all I will say is, I wouldn’t want to be inside his head.


Of course not! Otherwise, you’d be his brain o.O’ …


There’s this thing they teach you at school called ‘metaphor’.


There’s these things they teach you in life in general, called “jokes”. I am entirely aware of the actual meaning of “being inside someone’s head”, I assure you.

And it was intentionally bad, silly. A joke isn’t really worthy, until they chase you down the street with pitchforks and torches.

Perhaps you should quit your job as Net Nanny and lighten up?


I already quit it for my role as general purpose wind-up merchant, and I seem to be succeeding.




They are action figures, not dolls!!

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