Toddler adopts creepy doll: "I'm its momma. It needs me"

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I predict she will grow up to be a really interesting and intelligent adult.

The girl I mean. Not the doll.


I love this. Different isn’t bad. So what if her friend has a skin condition, large pupils, and creeps some adults out (a plus in my book).

Kids do weird things when they are allowed. My kids, both still pretty young, have a plastic crow decoy that we bought from the dollar store for Halloween. When we had to move, it was the first friend, they took over so it knew how to fly between both places and keep and eye on it as we moved. They snuggle with it when they are sick, and sometimes they move it around the house to look at things when they are scared of what lurks in the shadows. My eldest knows it’s just a plastic crow, yet they they still pull it down to watch them do school work.

That all said- the least creepy thing at Disney Land is that doll or the little kid that loves it.


Meh, I’ve seen way creepier dolls; if the little girl is happy & healthy, then that’s all that matters.


This lovely young lady needs to be introduced to the works of Charles Addams ASAP.

Also, she might enjoy one of those children’s puzzle boxes being sold by Walmart.


If her parents did buy her a puzzle box from Walmart for Christmas they missed a perfect opportunity.



It just goes to show prejudice has to be learned. You are not born with it. What an understanding family Briar must have.


What a wonderful kid, and yes, she obvs has a wonderful family, too.

Great doll. Wonder what I’d’ve made of her when 2½-3 yrs old…


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