Untrustworthy co-conspirator denies wrongdoing

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Well, the IRS caught Capone – maybe they’ll do better than Congress this time.


This is the part that kills me. Like…Ginnie Thomas had her own political consulting firm. They should have easily been able to make up a legitimate reason to pay her for services rendered, even if it was bullshit. But to just give her money in return for no services, put that in writing, and say that you don’t want her mentioned in the paperwork…why? I am truly baffled sometimes at how Republicans have managed to amass so much power when they are so often so stupid.


What’s the statute of limitations on tax crimes?


For the proletariat, infinity +3 years.
For the ruling class, what crime?


They’ve been getting away with it for so long I guess they’re casual about it now.


Because they shamelessly game the system for their own advantage.

Republicans get into power and gerrymander the shit out of everything, then they build further on the fruits of their advantage while the Democrats are all mimsy.

First thing Biden should have done on getting into power was to increase the Supreme Court to 99 judges and install 90 young, rock solid progressives who would control everything for decades.


Always ridiculous to see a professional liar taki g umbrage at being called out for being dishonest.


Biden doesn’t have the power to increase the size of the Court. Only Congress can do that. Do you think they would have gotten the 60 votes needed in the Senate to expand the size of the Court by even one Justice?


An interesting alternative to packing the SCOTUS is merging it with the federal appeals court. But yes, either way it can’t be done by the executive branch alone.


She may need to hire a spokesperson for damage control.



Making a secret payment is always a sign of something shady. Period.


Those are some interesting ideas, but unless we get a supermajority in the Senate, none of those ideas will ever become reality. I would love to see the filibuster go bye bye. Or at least returned to its original form where it didn’t serve as a de facto supermajority requirement to pass any legislation through the Senate. That, I think, is a more realistic problem to fix, and could make fixing a lot of problems with the courts much easier. We’ll need some old stalwarts of the Democratic Party in the Senate to retire before that will happen, though, and be replaced by progressives first. Jesus, this is going to take awhile.


im guessing the reason they didn’t is that they couldn’t count on mancinema anyway. now, the senate is in a better place but the house has been gerrymandered away.

as a bunch of interim votes have been showing, people are very angry over the abortion decision. if voters can keep democrats in the presidency and the senate and flip the house - possible maybe? - then id bet the filibuster falls so that abortion rights can be passed


Is it, though? There are 48 Democrats, and 3 Independents who caucus with the Democrats, but one of those is Sinema who has made it clear she will oppose any effort to end the filibuster. Likewise, Joe Manchin is still there, and he would also oppose any efforts to end the filibuster. Even if all the remaining Democrats and Independents voted to end the filibuster, that’s 49 votes. Plus, I think they can only do that with a simple majority when they’re voting on rules, which usually only happens at the beginning of a new Senate. Maybe with a new session, I’m not sure. Either way, they don’t have the votes to do it.

ETA: One of the remaining Democratic Senators is Dianne Feinstein, who can’t currently be counted on for any vote.

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i didn’t say it was in a great place, only better :grimacing:

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I’ve seen this movie before. “Mr. former President: The calls are coming from inside the Executive Branch!”

Are we just now finding out that the Trump Administration was the real life “The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight”?

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