Unusual children's books



I am reminded of Scarfolk Council.

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I’ve long suspected that Rob is a member of Scarfolk council.


Woah, episcolalians looks rad!


Until they appear in your neighborhood, with their literature, their grappling-hooks, their grapeshot cannonades, and their hymns.


Dear Rob,

Please black out more often.

Thank you,

The Mgt


No source link? Did you make these, Rob?

I did. The source material for the shoops are mostly covers of ladybird childrens’ books.

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Cool, now write 'em!


Don’t forget Zogg. The title is not so impressive, but read the book.


Not so long ago I was trawling the darker side of the Net in search for free versions of overpriced technical literature, and stumbled on the Net over a book that I found I mostly wrote. “Frances Metzger - Failure Modes of Electronics”, from 2011, from some obscure Delhi publisher.

Most of the content is copypasted from Wikipedia, quite high portion from the articles and article parts I wrote. (The 2011 version, as some got rather badly plowed over afterwards with a lot of information lost. Todo: edit it back.)

I decided to be flattered.


I should have pointed out the image (was also by Rob?) from this thread, where this conversation is a perfect fit, if you would be so kind as to cross-post.

According to my amazon account, I ordered them last night. So I guess there might well be.

Indeed it was. Made, of course, with copied stock art

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Thank you for this. Many years ago, I would read The Little Golden Book About God to my tikes, changing the words to suit the dead-eyed characters and their wanderings. My version was also a tale of world conquest, and I particularly remember when the zombie-girl inhaled the blood of the Bird-Folk. My then spouse, a deeply rooted fundy x-tian, couldn’t help but laugh, even though she hated my version. Delighted to see this idea is out and about and touching others’ lives.


I’m an Episcopalian and am wondering why we’re depicted as pirates :smiley: I thought pirates were associated with the FSM ?..

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Hey, we have a great Hymnal! All classic stuff. None of that mid- to late-20th cent. fluff. And certainly nothing that’s a sappy rendition of “Me and My BFF Jeeeezus”.

Jeebus is my BFF (best fuck friend). “Jebus fucks me, this I know! For my daddy tells me so…”
Er, I should really stop now, shouldn’t I…

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The third one down is the original cover for the Velveteen Rabbit. So… German version of the Velveteen Rabbit?

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