Up for auction: the never-seen original 1957 Haunted Mansion prospectus


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Can anyone explain what a “kronar” mirror is?


Any one… Bueller…?

I got nothing. I just about managed to work out that a transmission mirror is probably one-way glass?


Never heard the term “kronar” mirror before, but the way it’s used here, it sounds like it’s referring to one-way glass. The areas that the “kronar” mirrors/projection are used are places using Pepper’s Ghost effects.


That’s what I thought - thanks!



Couldn’t find anything on the Google.

I have assume it’s a brand name that has faded to oblivion. Who will remember “gorilla glass” in 50 years?


That’s a good guess, considering that they call out other brands in that document too (like Todd A-O). Since it was a prospectus, this was Ken Anderson saying “look, Walt, here’s where we can buy this material, here’s where we can get this effect”.


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