Upcoming film, Reality, puts Jon Heder in a rat suit


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You skipped one, I thought Wrong Cops was pretty great.

Gee, I’ve been tempted on numerous occasions to watch Rubber; it struck me as having a certain novelty. I guess it’s not worth it.

Actually, he skipped two! Wrong and Wrong Cops. Both fantastic films, though very different in their tone and themes. It looks like Réalité will be closesr to Wrong’s absurd surreal narrative as opposed to the (awesome) raunchy satire of Wrong Cops.

Oh, I reckon it’s well worth it. A little pointless, but so are most movies. It’s beautifully shot, and keeps you watching.

Meh. Sometimes it’s fun when a movie breaks the rules it sets up at the beginning. This isn’t one of those.

All I see are lots of Oranges and blues… aren’t we past that fad now?

Oh, give it a try; I thought it was plenty entertaining (although I began with low expectations, of course :smile:).

I thought it was in black and white.

I enjoyed it.

It didn’t make a whole lot of external sense, but it seemed there was an internal sense, there.

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