Upgrading my Kindle Voyage to use the Bookerly font


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No issue whatsoever running on the update on a PC. This Bookerly is real nice.


An Apple employee suggested I try running the update on Windows.


What am I missing? I have a Kindle Voyage and it was automatically updated via wifi last week to include Bookerly. No cables or connections required. Maybe they are just rolling it out slowly? Anyway I do enjoy the change but I had no idea Bookerly existed until the new splash screen announced it and asked if I wanted to enable it.


Mine needed a manual update.


It bad i want someone to pull the screen and everything out of the original kindle and stuff in something else purely because I like physical keyboards?


How does the font look on other e-ink displays? Does it perform well, readability-wise, also on laptop LCDs?


I was actually just thinking about this earlier today - my wife has the Voyage and I noticed it didn’t have Bookerly on it. I assumed this would have been done already though automatic update. Is there a way to force the update? Or how can I tell that it’ll need a manual update?

Also, I’m still using my 1st gen PW - no Bookerly for us, right?


Download the update from Amazon, copy it over and choose “Update my Kindle” from the settings sub-menu.


I just got a prompt on my kindle voyage to system update, let it run, and then it prompted me about whether I wanted to use Bookerly by default now. Easy peasy.


With epub files, you can embed the font and modify the HTML/CSS to take it. (And make sure the reader’s setting is not overriding the file’s choice.)

I think it could be done with a script in an automated way.


Sounds like a hassle but maybe Calibre will automate it. Thanks.


No update showed up on my Voyage for me either, but I was able to update it from my MacBook with no issues. FWIW, I audibly chuckled reading “Ok, this’ll be hilarious.”.


Some on my Kindle paperwhite: a screen popped up asking me if I wanted to change to Bookerly. I clicked “yes” and it was done.


> no Bookerly for us, right?

I think not. I’ve got a 1st gen paperwhite as well, with the most recent firmware installed (, and there is no bookerly to be found. It looks like firmware 5.6.5 is the one that includes bookerly.


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