Uplifting! USPS replaces dead canaries after live bird shipment crushed, mangled


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All in all, a good reminder of why you should never use the postal service to transport small children.

After they reach 5 or 6 years of age, children are fairly robust for shipping, but as they tend to be around 40 lbs each, the shipping charges become exorbitant. Still, make sure you insure the packages for replacement of a child of equal value in case of loss or damage.


I was hoping it would be something like this:


They were birds. Couldn’t someone have pinned little notes to their chests and sent them in the right direction?


I’ve seen the way USPS packages show up. I don’t think a whole roll of bubble wrap would be enough to protect sending something alive through the mail.



My daughter became a beekeeper while in high school. The bee supplier shipped the bees through the USPS, in a box where they were clearly visible, and they arrived safely. One poor little gal (worker bees are all female. Of course they are.) made the entire journey clinging to the outside of the container. I named her Constance.


does this somehow predict the demise of the USPS?


Some unscrupulous folk are known to send defective children just to claim on the insurance. There are whole departments devoted to stamping out this kind of fraud.


I actually like to insure them for far greater than the cost of replacement so I can try out a varied assortment before picking.


This is what happens when you package them using board-shorts instead of more traditional methods.

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