Uplifting video of New Wavers dancing at a club in the 1980s

Ah, I remember the days of clubs smelling of Polo cologne, AquaNet, and cigarettes.

Mostly cigarettes.


Much more enjoyable with the sound muted.

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I used to spend every Friday and Saturday night here in the late 1980s but it was called the Metro/Clubhaus and it was located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In Cleveland it was Aquilon, Metropolis and The Nine of Clubs.


Berkeley, The Berkeley Square


In Milwaukee it was Bailey’s, Club Marylin’s, and then Mad Planet… Planet is still open and in non-pandemic times still hosts Friday and Saturday night dance parties.


Ah! Clove cigarettes.

As much as I’ve slagged Arlington TX here, we did have a good dance club (“The Stage”) for a few months in early 1987. Places like this had no beer/wine nor liquor licenses, and ostensibly hosted the crowd of 18- to 20-year-olds who could no longer get into (many or most) liquor-serving clubs after the drinking age went up to 21 in 1986. But they never checked ID, and the crowd was more like 15-20. (In contrast to the self-described teen club which was more like 12-15, up to when people were able to drive themselves elsewhere.)

If we felt like driving all the way to Dallas, there was Sparx (which, IIRC, was 18+). Just found this link apparently to a (lo-fi) mix of one night in 1987.

And then there was the Starck Club. They also had an 18+ night (Sundays, IIRC) – I never visited until a year or two after they got busted (yet they remained open). I believe the scene from RoboCop filmed there was also after their bust.

But back in Arlington we also had The Dragon’s Lair. This was the bar portion of a restaurant that was decorated inside to look like a street in Hong Kong – a DJ and a guy I knew who (I guess) put up the money rented the bar space once a week for dance night. We showed up with our friends, and unfortunately some of their friends were skinheads who trashed the place one night and Dragon’s Lair got kicked out. (Why skinheads wanted to hang out at a dance club in the first place is beyond me.)


I used to spend every Friday and Saturday night here in the late 1980s but it was called the Metro/Clubhaus and it was located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

No, no, no, you are clearly misremembering. I used to spend every Friday and Saturday here in the late 80’s, but it was called Studio Two and was in Waterville, Maine. :wink:

Yep, even Mainers looked (sort of) like this. Although our hair styles weren’t nearly as posh as these cool frugues. I saw at least one Flock of Seagull, three Siouxsie Sous, and quite a few Madonna’s, a Mojo Nixon, and numerous Robert Smiths.


Nope. Its you that’s misremembering. I used to spend many a Friday night here in the late 80’s (my band even played a gig there once or twice), but it was called The Amazon and was in Sacramento, California.


You mean cloves! That totally could have been my local place in the 80s - Club PostNuclear in Laguna Beach.


The Metro Cincinnati…was that the place in the basement of a tall hotel/office building in downtown or am I thinking of some other new wave club? Me and my crew of midwest misfits hung out there as early as 1980 (?) I used fake ID at the time, so def pre 1981. Had a blast there. But I NEVER did that “down down down” move during Rock Lobster- much too groupthink for me at the time.


fantastic… click play and the first thing i hear is some gary numan. i haven’t heard Sharpe & Numan in years!

most times in dallas we went to the video bar or to clearview for raves and concerts. i’ll never forget the skinny puppy gig… introduced me to my life-long love affair with Ka-Spel and LPD. got an email from Edward just this morning.

Waco had The Outer Limits which later moved and changed to The 25th Street Theater. sadly the videos online are from its tv show and were all filmed on the all-ages nights which were awful. From what I recall the owner moved to dallas and started Waves.


Holy crap, I was at that show, too! (May '87, right? In hindsight, I might’ve had measles & not known it yet.) Same for me, 'twas my introduction to Ka-Spel & Co. (& he had a bigger/better impression on me).

I’m impressed that Waco had anything (no offense)

P.S. Speaking of Dallas and music here’s my tribute to the old Record Gallery:

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That playlist definitely runs the gamut of electro funk, disco, techno, R&B, and new wave.

I approve.


oh god… you’ve no idea.
waco 85-90 was very much like an x-files episode.


In Melbourne it was The Jump Club in Collingwood and the Crystal Ballroom in StKilda. Saw SPK at the Crystal and the next day Talking Heads on the Stop Making Sense tour at the Olympic Stadium!

Some SPK:


In Vancouver it was Luv A Fair. Good times.

I agree. Just go. Have fun.

Maybe not so much green hair and smoking.

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