UPS Dogs is an Instagram account where drivers share photos of dogs they meet on their routes

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I know that some dogs are expensive, but one of those UPS dogs looks exceptionally deer.


D-E-E-R…That’s a funny way to spell dog.


It is a funny looking dog :slight_smile:

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UPS is soo close to SUP…


It is a funny looking dog :slight_smile: 12/10


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I have a Xoloitzcuintli that comes to work and our UPS driver is not impressed. He told me “just because a dog hasn’t bitten doesn’t mean he won’t bite.”

All the other drivers love him though.

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My bird is v afraid of delivery trucks, so anytime a ups or fedex truck can be heard on the street she runs for cover or for the human shield.

She plainly sees through the “they’re just delivering packages” ruse and recognizes them for the tiny-dino assassins they are, seeking to finish what the volcanoes/asteroid started.

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Who knew that goats and UPS drivers/trucks were such ‘a thing?’


wish someone would tell my parents’ dog that the UPS driver isn’t a monster intending to kill us all because that seems to be what she thinks.


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