UPS driver shows us how she makes friends with all the cute dogs on her route (video)

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Haha I was thinking “does it involve treats? I bet it involves treats”

I love the last little guy who was like “yeah I’m taking your snack, thanks, but make with the pets”


The UPS driver making deliveries to my parents place in the country would regularly give their dog (a German Short-haired Pointer) biscuits. One day after her delivery, the dog decided that this was a good thing and followed the UPS truck and got a biscuit at her next 3 stops. The driver decided that telling the dog to go home would not work, so she turned around and drove back to my parents house with dog chasing behind.


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Super sweet and undeniably wonderful, though if I were in her position I would be worried that some dog might have some super rare allergy or digestive issue that means they shouldn’t eat certain types of treats.


i was kind of thinking the same thing. some owners are (or have to be!) very careful about the things they let their dogs eat, and doggie biscuits might not be on their “ok” list.


Drivers know all about being thrown the occasional biscuit.

I follow the UPS Dogs page on Facebook. It is not unusual for drivers to have a loose dog hop right into their truck, it’s like they instinctively know there are treatos to be had.

Driver then delivers them back to their home. They’ll also make “special deliveries” of treats to dogs on their route, even if they have no packages for that stop.

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“UPS driver shows us how she makes friends with all the cute dogs on her route”.

All of the ugly ones she throws rocks at? :thinking:

That’s one reason why, when I meet a new dog, I ask the owner if I can give them a treat. If the dog has allergies or health issues owners usually carry special treats and are happy to share. It’s good to talk to the owner first although most of the time I end up remembering the dogs and completely forget the people they were with.


They’re all cute dogs Brent.



I have no objection to her carrying treats, and using them as a form of self defense against loose dogs. That’s just smart. I have every objection to owners leaving their dogs loose to harass UPS drivers.

But of the three animals in my life, two have special dietary needs and restrictions. That’s an unusually high proportion, I know. So is the proportion (~20%?) from my (definitely biased towards dogs needing extra care) sample of dogs we used to board at home through Rover. And some dogs have really sensitive stomachs, even aside from allergies.


‘And how should we behave during this Apocalypse? We should be unusually kind to one another, certainly. But we should also stop being so serious. Jokes help a lot. And get a dog, if you don’t already have one.’

Kurt Vonnegut - The Idea Killers, 1984

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Hehehe, the people who run this contest disagree, hence the name…

They can claim that, sure. They can even rank some dogs as “ugly,” if they want. They are, however, completely and objectively wrong. Even the “ugly” dogs are cute.


That’s the operative word right there. It should be “subjectively”, as one person’s beauty is another person’s horror.

I know what the word means. I stand by it. All dogs are beautiful.


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