Upside-down coffin filled with medieval weapons discovered in wooded area




Aw, what's the big deal? This is totally something I would do for some silly role playing game.


yeah, i was just about to say that these look like requisites for a silly live action role play (Larp) some guys left in the woods, since getting held up with a car full of medieval weapons would be much bigger news, and even more awkward to explain. they would accuse them of medieval terrorism or something crazy.


None of them were epic quality?

I hate when developers stuff their game with vendor trash.



The big deal is that this was found in Florida and it was not filled with guns.

(also, nobody got shot -- yet)


A Deputy Sheriff from De Leon Springs, FL, responded to a report of an upside-down coffee in a wooded area.

Bobby Ray, you better get the Sheriff on the horn. It looks like someone done spilled their coffee....


Just imagine the rights that could have been taken away from us if McDonalds had served this up!


Oh no! Yet another Grimm...


They couldn't just leave it alone? I mean, somebody left it there for a REASON!

I'm just slightly surprised there was no porn stash in there. That's what you usually find in discarded coffins in the woods.


I wonder why medieval baseball bats, punching bags, plastic tubes, and antennas were never included in AD&D.


Sam and Dean Winchester are going to be pissed that their backup "go bag" stash is missing.


I believe that would be a club, a sap, a blowgun and a rapier.

Edit- looking at the square punching bag as depicted in the picture, I'm pretty sure that was being used as a shield. Not sure about the plastic tube with handles. A sheath perhaps?


This is like an alternate-universe version of Fox In Socks.


Further observations:

The bat with screws makes me think this wasn't just LARPing/medieval recreation. On the other hand, it reads like the typical stash of a teenager and/or redneck who doesn't necessarily mean any harm but likes the feel of owning implements of destruction. I can't really criticize; I was the same way as a kid, though I never had such a collection. Hell, I'm 35 now and I've still got that cheap pewter flail I picked up at a convention in high school. There might be zombies! You never know!

I wonder if all the "wooden handle with attached knife" are the reporter failing to identify some esoteric polearm, or literally a kitchen knife duct taped to some dowel rod.

The text doesn't stop being funny. "Nun chucks." There's an evocative image. "Silver metal sword blade." None of that purple or green metal here! "Wooden metal hatchets." Uhhhh...


Could be a LARP sword in progress. Some budget-minded LARPers just use PVC pipe wrapped in insulation foam wrapped in duct tape. Or it could just be some pipe with a grip at one end.


Black ball and chain

Set of nun chucks

Metal pair of forceps

Ball with metal spikes

Black hoodie

What the hell were they LARPing? F.A.T.A.L.?


Someone should explain that when they discover a geocache, they can take something from it only if they replace it with something of greater than or equal value.


Come on you just know someone wife or girlfriend or husband or boyfriend finally had enough of this crazy weapon shit, packed it in the scary coffin that just had to go too and dumped it all in the woods ....


You have experience with this sort of thing, do you?