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Well, this sent me down an interesting rabbit hole.

[Robert][1]. [Jason][2]. [Mark][3]. [David][4]. [Cory][5].

Even [Donald][6] "has really fierce dance moves, is better than everyone at everything, has great fashion sense, will rule the world one day."


[Michelle][7]. [Carla][8]. [Heather][9]. [Susan][10]. [Liz][11]. [Leigh][12].

What to make of this. Some sort of collective unconsciousness? Spam-seeding UD entries? A universal desire to judge everyone by a) how cool they are and b) how fuckable they are?

I’m going with some interesting sociolinguistic phenomenon where a clique of people noun* someone’s name as an in-joke, and then someone from the group feels compelled to put their original (to them) joke on the interwebs.

*yes I just verbed noun.
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Considering the, uh, tone of Urban Dictionary in general, I’m actually kinda pleased that the first entry for literally every name I’ve looked at is glowingly positive.

I suppose it’s the Wiki effect, where the people who care the most about a particular page are the ones most likely to maintain it.


I believe you’re right:


A cool name that has nothing to do with the devils son.
You hear me you fruity religion obsessed fuck bags."



Thanks for your definition of funruly!

A few volunteer editors read your definition and decided to not publish it. Don’t take it personally!

To understand what definitions we publish and reject, check out this blog post: http://blog.urbandictionary.com/post/49469679426

Try rewriting your definition so that it’s easier for others to understand, then try again.


Urban Dictionary


Internet weirdo, aesthetician, nomad of the time-streams. Funruly is
both fun and unruly, which is a coincidence as his name is Aramaic in

That Funruly, despite being a dour Armenian, sure is unruly and fun.


That’s because the proposed definition is counterfactual. In truth, I am solely responsible for Rule F at Aloha Stadium.

Yours truly,
Francǣs Ȕnruly


How often do you meet Bob Struction for pineapple juice?

(Amernians can be so literal!)


So yeah what that says would be nice, but about as accurate as a horoscope.


I suspect it’s a way for people with posting privileges to butter up their boyfriends,girlfriends.



I can’t win, can I?


have you tried to W.I.N.?


yes. many times.

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