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Well, this sent me down an interesting rabbit hole.

[Robert][1]. [Jason][2]. [Mark][3]. [David][4]. [Cory][5].

Even [Donald][6] "has really fierce dance moves, is better than everyone at everything, has great fashion sense, will rule the world one day."


[Michelle][7]. [Carla][8]. [Heather][9]. [Susan][10]. [Liz][11]. [Leigh][12].

What to make of this. Some sort of collective unconsciousness? Spam-seeding UD entries? A universal desire to judge everyone by a) how cool they are and b) how fuckable they are?

I’m going with some interesting sociolinguistic phenomenon where a clique of people noun* someone’s name as an in-joke, and then someone from the group feels compelled to put their original (to them) joke on the interwebs.

*yes I just verbed noun.
[1]: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Robert
[2]: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Jason
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[12]: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Leigh&defid=6324211


Considering the, uh, tone of Urban Dictionary in general, I’m actually kinda pleased that the first entry for literally every name I’ve looked at is glowingly positive.

I suppose it’s the Wiki effect, where the people who care the most about a particular page are the ones most likely to maintain it.


I believe you’re right:


A cool name that has nothing to do with the devils son.
You hear me you fruity religion obsessed fuck bags."

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Thanks for your definition of funruly!

A few volunteer editors read your definition and decided to not publish it. Don’t take it personally!

To understand what definitions we publish and reject, check out this blog post: http://blog.urbandictionary.com/post/49469679426

Try rewriting your definition so that it’s easier for others to understand, then try again.


Urban Dictionary


Internet weirdo, aesthetician, nomad of the time-streams. Funruly is
both fun and unruly, which is a coincidence as his name is Aramaic in

That Funruly, despite being a dour Armenian, sure is unruly and fun.


That’s because the proposed definition is counterfactual. In truth, I am solely responsible for Rule F at Aloha Stadium.

Yours truly,
Francǣs Ȕnruly


How often do you meet Bob Struction for pineapple juice?

(Amernians can be so literal!)

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So yeah what that says would be nice, but about as accurate as a horoscope.

I suspect it’s a way for people with posting privileges to butter up their boyfriends,girlfriends.

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I can’t win, can I?


have you tried to W.I.N.?

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yes. many times.

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