Urban druid


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Gotta love SCP

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Security breach detected. Stand by for administration of memetic amnestic agents.

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So happy you guys finally covered SCP. The “Are We Cool Yet” collective, as well as the Cool War, always seemed like something BoingBoing would be involved in.

For those not in the know, SCP is a collaborative fictional wiki documenting anomalous materials, beings, places, and artifacts all being protected by a mysterious Foundation in a world not unlike our own. It’s an incredibly detailed world that started in copypasta and forum fiction threads, and expanded into a universe with shared cannon. It bridges fantasy, science-fiction, horror, and some of the best forms of silly “aware” humor, as well as skin-crawling or stomach-turning atrocities.

Readers interested in SCP might check out these few ones to dip your toes (make sure and read the Experiment Logs and transcripts, as they as crucial to the stories):

There are literally thousands of SCP documented, as well as a hearty helping of short-stories, joke SCPs, and fragments to flesh out the universe.

I’d recommend continuing with the top rated ones- while the good ones are very good, the bad ones are very bad.

I rather think that the urban druid and the urban shaman are like the urban spaceman, in that they don’t exist.

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