Discordian archive rescued from dumpster, now online




Thanks for posting this, made my Erismas, and the facebook discordian society is loving it.


I’m a bit conflicted since his actions served to reduce chaos… Our lady surely works in mysterious ways.


The kopyleft wasn’t totally without restrictions - didn’t it require one to joyously partake of a hotdog on a Friday? (or was that just the particular variation that I used to use?)


Gaia, She-Ra or Mary?


Interesting to see this. I named my daughter Eris…


Hey don’t sweat. This kind of second-order concern with localized anentropy is just a momentary thing. Leave the worry to greyface.

The fact that I met and was befriended by someone with a simulacrum of a photocopy of a mimeographed Principia at an impressionable age got me out of my shitty village in the prairies and changed my life for the better.

I’m so glad for this and for all of you.

Wicked Erismas, all!


post of the year


Freaking sweet! Thanks a ton for the pointer, Cory!


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