Evidence for a lapsarian decline: Master of the Universe Christmas wrapping paper


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File this under I am not gay but I make no case for it. This is awesome.


I saw the headline and immediately started looking for the “buy it” link.

Perhaps the only thing that would be a bigger hit at my family’s pagan tree worship session. Would be Congo wrapping paper.


Crap. There’s some rolls on ebay. But for around $100 dollars. That’s more than the gifts it will wrap will cost.

Guess I’m sticking with Blood Sacrifice.





I was all set to be ‘meh’ on this… and then I realized it was the original 80’s He-Man artwork, and now I’m all like:




So, do they actually have Christmas on Eternia? Or is it a native holiday that that just by an amazing case of parallel cultural evolution involves decorated trees, caroling, sleighs, and gift giving? That being said, I love how Skeletor is being a good sport and joining in on the caroling.


I believe Earth children brought the holiday to them.


Something similar happened earlier on Mars, so I’ve been told.


Heck, I have a box of these in my medicine cabinet.


Is that artwork by Don Lawrence? It is very nicely executed.


Skeletor’s mouth opened wide as he joins in the caroling is what makes it for me. I can just imagine his raspy voice singing “Oh Holy Night.”


The Queen / He-Man’s mom is an astronaut from Earth so yes I imagine they have a Christmas enough like holiday through her.


Happy Life Day, everyone!


The image search results for “Earl Norem” were (was?) EVERYTHING I needed today.


It’s strange, how frequently I am seeing DVDs of that special in bargain bins lately – far more so than any other He-Man merchandise.


Does this mean that Chew was actually naked all the time?!


Wouldn’t it be a bit too cold to be making snowmen dressed like that?