Pesco on the "World Wide Weird"



@pesco : Twenty-five years later, the Web is not just a directory of these wonderful things but also the thing itself. It isn’t a map of unpopular culture – it’s the territory.

Brings back memories of my old Usenet days... As a kid from "out in the sticks", I found my compatriots in alt.discordia/alt.slack/alt.cesium/talk.bizarre/etc...

Here is one of those old usenet items that your piece brought to mind:
A characteristic of neo-paganism is that one does not so much join it, or be converted to it, but that one recognizes it as a homesite. She finds you.
Erisianism, though designed to be facetious, is recognized and respected by many Wiccans and other neo-pagans for that very reason.
I discovered Eris by accident, looking into mythology, in high school in the 50's. A female deity based on confusion! What a perfect joke! Boy, did I learn.
Greg Hill
Co-Author of "Principia Discordia"


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