URGENT: Input needed on EU copyright consultation



Thank you for posting this Cory! This is vital.

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I am enraged that this is not available in all the other official European languages! Our MPs get to read all documentation in their mother language but we DON’T?
I´m lucky to be skilled in English, but many of my friends, some of whom are content creators (writers, dubbing actors, playwrights), or just enjoy culture, doesn’t have the sufficient fluidity or knowledge of the language to express their feelings and thoughts.
This strikes me only as a way to pass another restrictive bunch of laws directed by big media without the European citizens knowing or being able to raise their voices.
Who thought Democracy main enemy in the 21th Century would be Big Media? That’s insane, it looks like some wacky Doctorow or Stross sci-fi novel*!

*novels I love to read, but not to live in.


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