The amendments for the EU's catastrophic copyright proposals don't fix a goddamned thing

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Fucking hell.


Line up the people on the coast, where the undersea cables are, hand them bolt cutters. If the EU is that stupid, start cutting.


Contact your MEPs here


Maybe the Brexiters were onto something.

I’m pretty sure our local warlords would be more than happy with the level of implied subjugation of the masses. They’ve tried it on, themselves, in the past, several times.


Nope, and I link to over 8,000 news articles. That’ll suck for Wikipedia too.

What about Switzerland? Are they just collateral damage?

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They may have had a point if the Tories were not a major party. They have repeatedly shown themselves to do shit that is as stupid as the EU have.

If you want a less drastic response, how about this instead.

Simply pass a US law saying that censorship and content scanning is a violation of OUR law, and put the exact same penalties in
place for any EU company who breaks OUR law that they define for us breaking THEIR law.

OK, that idea doesn’t penalise an entire landlocked country for the crime of being surrounded by EU member states (see also Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino and the Vatican City).

Hopefully things won’t get that far, we are trying to stop these proposals as best we can.

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