US Air Force has developed unusual liquid metal conductor

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"Polymerized Liquid Metal Networks…

Can you smoke it? Asking for a friend…




Wasn’t this stuff an entry in the Gear Section of Cyberpunk: 2020?




Well, I guess it’s only a matter of time before Cody of Cody’s Lab starts putting this stuff in his mouth.


I’m pretty sure this is the stuff the Terminator in T2 was made of.



“Non-Ohmic”, oh, my!!!


Exactly how much ‘power’ would need to be flowing through your shirt that this is an issue?

Seems the flexibility of the substance is the trick, so that it doesn’t fatigue when bent a lot.

Don’t be ridiculous.

It’s in one of the Chromebooks.



Can’t wait for the inevitable joint research project with Boston Dynamics and Google Quantum computer

I better get in shape if I want to have any hopes of being kept as breeding stock after the robot uprising

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“For instance, the material could be integrated into a long-sleeve garment and used for transferring power through the shirt and across the body in a way that bending an elbow or rotating a shoulder won’t change the power transferred.”

You know what else can do that? Stranded wire. This is cool research, and it’s such a shame that every science press release now has to create some click-bait phony application to “justify” the effort. Science always pays off, we know this. You guys don’t have to try and make it sound “cool”


This sentence is gold:

Usually, when a flexible, conductive material is stressed or stretched, its electrical conductivity drops and resistance increases when it’s stress or stretched.

That’s something materials scientists always do, even if it’s in an academic talk or poster session or a journal article. It’s annoying, but materials scientists need to get others thinking about the possibilities so engineers get inspired to try the material. This just happens to be a very lame suggestion.

I think there’s also a lot of overlap with Universities’ desire to “market” themselves with these press releases written by the marketing department that they all now have for some reason. That combines with the sorry state of science reporting to the point where every new material is ZOMG INVISIBILITY CLOAK and every crappy preliminary p-hacked epidemiological nutrition study is broadcasted as the gospel truth about blueberries or whatever.

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Meanwhile the blink 182 guy claims to have “alien alloys”

Considering that the he government has often winked at ufo folks to hide developing black projects (Recall the spate of flying triangles leading up to the revelation of the stealth bomber) I think it’s possible we’re being taken for a ride. Clapper lied to Congress it’s not out of the realm of possibility they fan these flames to cover

I believe in aliens but I’m not sure they’re close enough to cross paths w us given speed of light…

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