US AIR STRIKES HIT DAMASCUS - Trump announces Syria air strikes in response to chemical attack


If you are looking for a conspiracy theory I’ll just point out Trump announced he was withdrawing from Syria, then the chemical weapons attack happened, now the US is staying in the war. Who wanted to stay in?


Reminds me of…


There’s not much pretense about wanting Assad to go. I’m just glad we don’t have a giant army mobilized to, oh, say, Iraq, just looking for something to do, which we did have when this was supposed to happen. The original plan c1999 (by the people who brought you the Iraq War in 2003) was to invade iraq, and leave through syria. “Ba’athists”, remember them??


I don’t pretend to know what the ideal response to Assad’s apparent chemical attacks would look like. I do know that I’d feel a heck of a lot better if the person who had to make that decision was virtually anyone other than Donald Trump.


Well done; ISIS thanks you for your support.


Still relevant now, just need a remix with a few names changed and updated events:

I cant believe the original release was 31 years ago.

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While we are on a music roll:



Bloodthirsty psychopaths:

AKA standard US mainstream media opinion.


Despite The Guardian headline, OPCW is not part of the UN. It’s an independent organization whose membership is made up of parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention. It does work closely with the UN, though, and has a formal cooperation agreement, and there was a joint UN OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism for investigating chemical weapons use in Syria that ended last year after Russia blocked its renewal. On their own OPCW Fact-Finding Missions only verify that chemical weapons were used and do not give attribution to perpetrators.


And won’t it enjoy the vast fireball as WWIII is started over goddamn nothing. Though I note with interest that all three national leaders involved in this… farce face significant internal trouble.


Sure, because North Korea won’t use their nuclear option if they’re backed into a corner. /s


Looks like the official Russian position is that attack was a complete fake orchestrated by Britain via the White Helmets. That sort of bullshit makes me think Assad probably was behind it.



They’re going after the White Helmets now? Great, an excuse to murder the one group of people actually accomplishing some great humanitarian work in that country.


Now? Russia has been attacking the White Helmets for years as being terrorist stooges.


I think Syra was supposed to be more of a detour on the way to Tehran.
“Anyone can go to Baghdad. Real men go to Tehran.”


Well that’s just dandy.

Going to be interesting to see how this dramatic escalation of a horrific human rights crisis impacts the Putin/Trump bromance.


Welp, its been nice knowing you, at least online.
You know, usually I love being right. Today is not such a day. When the orange bastard moved to the white house I said that that idiot is dumb and insane enough to start world war 3 to cover his fat arse in some scandal. And here we are.