US AIR STRIKES HIT DAMASCUS - Trump announces Syria air strikes in response to chemical attack



I really REALLY want you to be wrong…


Deja vu…


Eyewitness accounts describe government Mi-8 Hip helicopters in the area during attacks. The White Helmets found a gas cylinder that had crashed through the roof in one of the casualty areas in the top of a building. That very definitely counts as evidence.


I wonder what all those shrill idiots who cried about Clinton being a warmonger who’d get US involved in Syria are saying and thinking now.




Bolton won’t be the only one … see:


When was this made? 60 years ago?
Depressing how little has changed since.
Great songs thou.


Me too, but the playbook is well rehearsed at this point. If he can provoke a strike against US troops anywhere then his enablers in the US will give him carte blanche.

There exists no shortage of historical examples.


Operation Desert Stormy.


I appreciate that you think that, and I bet many people do. But Terhran is both a) in the opposite direction and b) on the other side of mountains from, Baghdad and c) hasn’t ever been successfully invaded.


He’s fired most of his enablers at this point.


You may give them much credit for thinking previously.

They will react emotionally. It’s their thing.



For whatever it’s worth, Trump’s loudest hardcore supporters are incredibly pissed about this. From Coulter to Breitbart to Alex Jones, all of the Trumpkins are gnashing teeth about Trump’s “America First” promise having failed and Trump “acting just like Hillary” by provoking an unnecessary war. Apparently on last night’s show, Alex Jones devolved into just yelling “Fuck Trump” a whole lot.


We’ll show Assad how to kill some Syrians, amirite?


a tub of protoplasmic goo


Were they beaten into submission and disarmed? They were occupied during the war, which their generals wanted and made happen.

I guess I meant a real invasion, not an inside job.


Government deposed, replaced with a murderous puppet dictator. Business as usual.