US AIR STRIKES HIT DAMASCUS - Trump announces Syria air strikes in response to chemical attack


you mean one puppet was swapped for another puppet, with the support of their own military leadership?

That shah tried to beat in the head of one of his own generals when he learned that the military was not actually fighting real hard…

again, their military was not disarmed after this “invasion” which was a bit of an inside job. The Iranian forces were then joined in their armed forts by these other militaries (notably NOT THE US), once the Shah got the word that he wasn’t in charge really.

I don’t think your example applies to what I was referring to.


Pretty pathetic that Breitbart is buying this nonsense. This is an obvious false flag operation. The globalists have twisted the President’s arm somehow.
It’s official: Breitbart has joined the MSM.

Promptly jumped on by an equal and opposite loon.


I meant the ones in Congress, and the US media has a history of climbing on a war bandwagon with enthusiasm as well.


Who are his enablers in Congress.

In the Bush years I could have named a dozen Hawk Senators who wanted this. Can you name 4, today, without going to google?

Yesterday, the Republicans all but gave up on keeping the house in the next election, openly.

This President, he does not have such enablers as those you speak of previously. Those were professionals. These are hacks.


Putin: “I wanted to throw US politics into chaos, but fuuuuck…”


I think it is about this simple:

Here are some things Donald Trump is famous for:

  1. Noticing which things he does that elicit positive attention and then doing those things over and over and over again.

  2. Craving the validation of the press, generally the sort of press a 70-year-old upper class New Yorker pays attention to, especially cable news.

If one dead American service member won him this much praise, just imagine how much they’ll respect him when he kills a couple hundred—or a couple thousand!

Now that Trump has learned that there is a direct relationship between a president’s body count and how “presidential” the mainstream political press considers him to be, the whole world is fucked.

I don’t think there are layers here.


And now he literally just tweeted “Mission Accomplished!”

He truly embodies the worst qualities of every previous President but dialed up to 11.


The Bushies couldn’t find any of these countries on a map.


We can maybe be thankful he isn’t walking around in a codpiece… or is he?


The Saudi-Israel axis strongly support the attack, so I would look for Congresscritters owned by the axis…


Something that is also beyond the abilities of CBS.


There are no reliable neutral parties in Syria. All factions are propagandising as hard as they can.


You have to wonder if that’s a Freudian slip of sorts, revealing what they really would like to do (invade Iran).


Will they also be inspecting the bombed chemical facilities?


None of them give a flying crap. ISIS avoids engaging the Russian/Iranian er…um…Syrian military. AQ has been losing ground for years and is fast devolving into regional franchises. Israel doesn’t care as long as Syria is imploding.Their sole concern is Iran backed Hezbollah bringing weapons to Lebanon or Gaza.


I’m sure infantilizing them solves the problem of our own powerlessness over them in an abstract sense, but that is, in the real world, quite an inaccurate statement about geography.


Invade Iran with what?

Our slim numbers of “boots on the ground” are still bogged down in Afghanistan. Our efforts elsewhere are largely with small token forces and air/sea power which is better suited for the Pacific.

Bolton is just fapping here. The real danger with Bolton is that he will continue the dismembering of the State Department begun by Tillerson with more vigor.


Some intern has just lost their college credit!


oh yeah, those two are wicked tight. BFFs right there.

le sigh.


Except for the most part the military leadership hates his guts. An airstrike they will do. But I am pretty sure the Dept of Defense will treat plans for war with the same level of contempt as Trump’s plan for a military parade. With a lot of “hmmm this is not feasable, can you try something else?” or “Can you please make it clear in writing what you want” (which is how they hampered the Trans ban).