US AIR STRIKES HIT DAMASCUS - Trump announces Syria air strikes in response to chemical attack


An alliance of the two powerful tribes seems plausible.


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As envisioned in the “can it be more 70’s!” film Americathon

“The threat of default panics most everyone, but is secretly seen as an opportunity by presidential advisor Vincent Vanderhoff (Fred Willard) to hand the country over to the United Herab Republic, a conglomeration of Israel and the Arab world that working together control a state that runs from Casablanca to Singapore via Stockholm”


You do realize we have several bases and not insignificant numbers of troops in the region, yeah?

We have bases literally everywhere BUT Iran at this point:

In terms of ramping up troops, it would be trivially easy to do so.

[ETA] One more link on US military installations from Lew Rockwell, looking at the global picture:


Did you actually read any of the reports in the google link? Quite a few are MSM, if that’s your bible.


Recruiting has been moribund for a decade now. We have bases, we can strike at Iran with ease. But actual invasion and occupation needs people. Lots and lots of people. Iran’s terrain is a lot closer to mountainous Afghanistan than the relatively flat Iraq.

Doing it half-baked means failing at it. The Iraq War was pretty much a fustercluck whose only bright spot was 1/3rd of the country welcomed us completely and unambiguously, the Kurds. The numbers we had back then were due to a big post 9/11 boost. But even then, we didn’t have close to the numbers needed to do it well. Hence Blackwater excesses, widespread looting and rapid growth of AQ and Shia militias


All of that is true. But we’re not talking about reality here, we’re talking about the neo-imperialist mindset that many in this and other American administrations (like Bolton and Mattis) actually hold. Remember that when the North Vietnamese were actually winning in the Vietnam war, our US military denied that we were losing. My point was not that an invasion is imminent or would be successful. It was that they WANT to invade Iran and the image was a freudian slip.

And yet… there is the very short history since the beginning of the war on terror of just that happening and the US undertaking these wars without the proper planning, etc. We’re still in Afghanistan and dozens of other countries, and we are necessarily “winning” any of them.


No. Sometimes history tells a more accurate tale than topical news networks do.

Surely, you can link to other people who share your lunatic notion, OPINION, that a nation that does not have a country on its official maps is steps away from an alliance with that nation. None of those opinions are plausible. They’re noise. I hope it pays well.

Really, sounds like a real Sure Thing man, btw, how was the brown acid?

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There are quite a few historical “strange bedfellows”. Israeli and Saudi interests are closely aligned. The Saudis must publicly proclaim support for the Palestinians, but do you really think the kinglet gives a damn? A de facto alliance with USrael is his best bet to keep his head on his shoulders.



You left off Gimli and Legolas



Are you saying “NO” to:

do you really think the kinglet gives a damn?

(That was the only question in the referenced post.)


looks like ever was too strong a qualifier for the nitpickers.

I submit:

c) hasn’t been successfully invaded and suppressed while possessed of a central government.


When was the last time you heard Israel whining about the Saudi threat? They don’t even complain about massive US arms sales to SA or SA’s support for jihadists in the region (although they are a bit antsy about SA’s proposed nuke program).


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Weapons of Mass Distraction


Roxanne, you don’t have to turn on the gas light.


Oh, but it’s so much worse than that.

ALSO NOT EXISTING: Ambassadors to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Qatar, etc.

He’s way ahead of you.

Also I wonder about those who insisted that the president needed approval from Congress to do this: