Pentagon may propose that Trump send U.S. ground troops to Syria


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Nope. Putin wouldn’t like that. Not gonna happen.


Maybe this is just a test? Is the Pentagon trying to punk the trump?


Jeez, at least wait until the cabinet is done resigning. Possibly appoint a new National Security Advisor.


I can’t imagine there would be much support from anyone for it. Obama knew perfectly well there was no political will in the US to send in ground troops. I doubt that’s changed.


Why would Putin object to the US military helping him to prop up Assad?


At this point, who would we be fighting for or against?


Honestly? I think peacekeepers should have been sent in there ages ago.
Not US peacekeepers though; we’ve all seen how well they handle the occupation of foreign soil.


The intelligence community probably has some darling Syrian expat that they’re heavily invested in. They’ll believe that he can deliver the militias to us. Once we’re on the ground, it will turn out he’s a con artist and he will fall out of favor. Then we’ll struggle to find a new direction for our military intervention.


This is one of the few things that would cause Trump’s base to start turning on him. I know of no Trump supporters who want more US boots on the ground in the ME.


FREEDOM. (For and against.)


Well, let’s hope their integrity is not thus tested.


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