US gov may block Chinese nationals from Defcon hacker event


Thank goodness! We wouldn’t want the Chinese to learn about hackering!


Isn’t this just another kind of restriction for hackers to work around?

Defcon should have a “Get a Chinese national in” event.


My resposne would be to say “fuck you” and hold DEFCON in Macau.


They already hacked it by offering money to third parties to go on their behalf.

Doesn’t seem like this will accomplish anything but piss off Chinese hackers, convince them that the U.S. is somehow actively and specfically against them. A better idea would be to go the opposite direction, organizers explicitly inviting Chinese hackers to join, having heard from the U.S. government that there’s some rather effective ones out there and seeing that they are under-represented.

But that would be smart. And since the fall of the Soviet Union US foreign policy has been high on its own supply. Take the Ukraine mess as the latest example. Even the Brookings Institution, which is the “think” tank most closely associated with the Obama admin, has realized at this late date that there is no feasible way to peel Ukraine away from its economic ties to Russia. So all our coup there succeeded in doing was to provide pretext for Russia to annex Crimea and more firmly establish bonds between Russia and China. Great job USA!

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