US government sells cans of "Meat Homogenate" for $250 each

Food handling equipment. Grinders, packagers, patty-makers, etc.

It may just be for designers of new food handling equipment, not constant testing of existing machines.

Yes there are-

Standardisation and measurement are critically important to a lot of industrial and scientific processes that underpin modern life, and creating these standard materials is difficult, so it makes sense, no matter how funny the headlines it produces are.


One of the earliest in the genre of post apocalypse films.

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There are lots of labs dedicated to food chemistry (gov food safety labs, labs that detemine nutritional content etc…).

Analytical labs of all types are typically certified by a governing body (varies by country) and testing equipment on known standards is usualy a part of that process.

While you can use individual analytes (chemicals) to calibrate your instruments, real samples show your equipment works in real world conditions. Hence large homogenous batches of pre-analyzed mixed meat and other such things.

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It’s a standard flavor

There’s a long standing British ‘joke’ about the British Standard cup of tea, which is now ISO 3103:

It is not a perfect cup of tea, but a standard to control most things and allow things like particular blends of tea to be judged.
Again, here’s a Tom Scott video about it: Making an International Standard Cup of Tea - YouTube

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Don’t accept an invite to a food chemists BBQ :wink:


At my old job, we used to have a very expensive book of fed standard paint chips. Which you weren’t actually supposed to use for testing. For actually determining whether something met the standard, you were supposed to get the larger, more expensive 3"x5" chips.

“Lets get this out on a tray… Nice hiss. Okay…”

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