US police kill 2.6 people a day

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They even shoot people they’re supposedly “rescuing,” including folks at-risk for suicide or dudes trying to push their truck out of floodwaters without cop harassment in Oklahoma:

Police aren’t really helping much with disaster relief when they’re gunning down people just trying to get through what is already a very bad day.


This is actually a pretty frightening statistic, when you stop to think about it!

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Frightening apparently only to a subset of the population.

The police seem to regard it as either inconsequential or actually reassuring.


“To Protect and to Serve”
It would appear that they are now becoming unaccountable institutions and individuals acting like organized crime families.
Other than in certain small enclaves and the like, there is no real “policing” as in the verb. Seems like more than ever before, they are just armed thugs extracting money and lives from the places they are supposed to be protecting and serving.


‘To Neglect and to Slay’

FTFY! :wink:


It’s a Wildlife Preservation manual and a cookbook!


So police kill approximately 1900 times more people than sharks do.

It’s about time Discovery had a Pig Week.


We’re number one! We’re number one!


The police claim they were attacked. I don’t think police should ever get a free pass. But neither should we get a free pass to assume the worst automatically. I’m sure this won’t be a popular opinion. :smile:


Attacked by a guy with a fist? Because unless they were coming at the police with a deadly weapon then shooting is not the go-to response.


Let’s call the rate of police killings in the US a baseline “score” of 1.

Chinese police killed 12 people in 2014; their population gives them a score of 0.0028.

English police have killed about 1 person a year; their score is 0.006.

German police haven’t killed anyone at all since 2012. Assuming they do it once this year, that gives them a score of 0.002.

Icelandic police have apparently killed one person ever. They get a 0.

Are criminals in the US really 357 times more aggressive than Chinese criminals, 167 times more aggressive than English criminals, 500 times more aggressive than German criminals and inifinitely more aggressive than Icelandic criminals?

…then maybe there’s another explanation.


America is the country of “but black people are more likely to be armed, so of course they’re more likely to turn out to be unarmed after being killed.”

paraphrasing half the comments here:


The rate is that US Police SHOOT and kill 2.6 people a day.

They KILL 3.1 people a day:

It’s 1 every 7.6 hours or so, 475 this year so far, ~1120 last year.


You guys need to export the 2nd Amendment to Europe already!

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Ninety-two victims — nearly a quarter of those killed — were identified by police or family members as mentally ill.

We need better health care in this country and we need police officers trained to deal with the mentally ill. Or maybe we need to make sure our police officers aren’t mentally ill themselves. I don’t know. What I do agree with is that we need real data. I can’t remember what show I was watching where someone suggested shutting off federal funds to any law enforcement organization that doesn’t report deaths in custody. That sounds like a start.


Unless you believe that no police is better than bad police, that sounds like a terrible start.

Why not hold those in command appointments responsible. Make it a mandated duty, and then either fire them or charge them with a criminal offence (whichwever is appropriate) if they fail to carry it out. Just make sure that the person left holding the can is senior enough to actually effect change … there’s no point charging Constable Snooks for failing to submit a return. Go after Sheriff Dickhead instead - he’s the one with the budget, authority, and organisational power to make it happen.

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Why not go after both? So constable Snooks knows “if I shoot someone, I’ll have to go to court and explain why it was necessary. Even if it was in self-defense. Just like everyone else in this country.”

And Sheriff Dickhead thinks “if officer Snooks shoots someone, I’ll have to go to court and explain why he carries a gun at all times.”


Sure, do that too. But I was specifically responding to the point @Krist made (and which is amplified in the OP’s linked article) about PDs not reporting deaths in custody. My comments about Snooks and Dickhead should be read with that in mind.

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State and municipal (town, city) services are funded by taxes paid directly to the state or town. The federal government throws more money in, which is why my little town’s PD has a fleet of dune buggies, several jet skis and boats, a helicopter and a tank. Yes, a tank. Withholding federal funds won’t shut down my local police, though I’m not sure how much big city PDs are funded by federal as opposed to local dollars.

The federal government can make it a federal crime to not report deaths in custody, maybe. I think the 10th Amendment might get in the way of that, though. Regardless, I doubt there’s the political will to do that. What the federal government can’t do is dictate state or local personnel decisions, so they can’t make a state or local police boards fire anyone.

As an example, the federal government can’t mandate changes in schools, either–schools are under local control–but what they have successfully done for years is threaten to withhold money from states or local school districts that don’t do what they want.