US politics in film


I mentioned Bulworth just now, and that reminded me what I meant to wonder out loud.

What films would you recommend which depict the American political process? I’m thinking of modernish times, but I see no reason to restrict it. (I’m also a Brit, which gives me a different perspective.) The Candidate is a favourite, as is The Contender, and I quite enjoyed The Ides Of March and less seriously Wag The Dog, but there must be some others. What am I missing?


Bob Roberts has always done it for me.


Nixon? Primary Colors?


One which I really need to get around to watching A Face In The Crowd which is more about punditry on radio and TV but it goes into how it influences presedential politics.


Shortly after Andy Griffith’s death, I finally got around to this one, and I actually wasn’t that enthused. Oh Griffith was great, the guy could have played Jekyll and Hyde, but I wasn’t keen on the film itself. The film was down on Griffith’s character due to his contempt for his audience, he felt they were all idiots. But the script and direction worked so hard to explicitly spell out every single point, that I felt the filmmakers felt that we viewers were idiots as well.


I highly recommend this one:


That’s a great one, too.


Fun fact: In China, Nixon was released as The Big Liar.


Legally Blonde 2?


Good Night and Good Luck if you want to expand beyond just the electoral part of politics.


Or, how about Election?


The Campaign?


I’m sorry, but I only believe in observing the American political landscape through the lens of Reese Witherspoon.


There are some good ones here, and I think Veep would work too. I love Reds, and on, Amazon Prime, there’s Alpha House.

Or skip the films and read Robert Caro’s books, The Power Broker or third book about LBJ, Master of the Senate which both won Pulitzers.


The Glass Key. For something newer, there’s Nashville.


Or Frost/Nixon.

Anyone seen both of those (I’ve seen F/N, but not N)? How do they compare?


Nixon’s the One (Harry Shearer lipsyching the Tapes)


What about Dick? I loved the reason for the missing 19 1/2 minutes of Nixon’s tapes.


I’ve seen both. I thought Nixon was better.

I’ve also seen All The President’s Men.

And Dick.

Elvis & Nixon will be on Prime soon, too.


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